Tree Spade Services

Tree Planters LLC works hard throughout the year to provide our customers with quality service.  Our staff is experienced and dedicated to helping you create a vision, enhance a landscape, or block out unsightly views with the use of mature trees.  We are fully insured and will treat your property with the utmost care and respect.  Tree Planters LLC is confident in our excellent success rate with our transplanted trees and provides a full one-year replacement guarantee.

Why Transplant?
Relocating and adding new mature trees will help create the feeling of an established landscape in a matter of hours instead of years (Instant Privacy!).  Transplanting large trees provides a natural privacy screen between neighbors, eliminates undesirable views, creates sound barriers for busy roads, protects buildings from wind and heat, adds year round natural landscape appeal, and increases value to your property.

The Process
Tree spades allow for safe installation and relocation of trees.  Our tree spades are capable of transplanting species of trees up to 30 feet high. 
We have 3 tree spades: 90", 60", and a 44" spade, which attaches to our skidsteer.  These varying sizes of spades enable us to match the right machine to each job.  It is important for our professionals to evaluate the health and structure of the tree, as well as the new location of the tree for a successful move.  Choosing to relocate with a tree spade will ensure the root system is minimally disturbed. This is done by hydraulically driving each spade into the ground in a certain sequence to form a secure root ball. Lastly, to eliminate branch breakage and make sure the tree looks as beautiful as it did before the transplant, we will carefully tie up the branches during travel.  Watch our video for more information on the process of tree transplanting. 

After Care
Tree watering and maintenance is directly related to the survival rate of your newly transplanted tree.   A soaker hose spiraled around the trunk of the tree is ideal to make sure the entire soil ball is obtaining the proper moisture levels.  Also, mulch helps protect tree trunks from unwanted damage, retain soil moisture levels, regulate soil temperatures, and serves as a source of nutrients to transplanted trees.  A Tree Planters LLC professional will establish an after-care schedule with you for your newly transplanted trees. 




Our 60" Dutchman tree tyer tying a tree that is getting
ready to head to a new home.


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